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CFH Series High Efficiency Filters

Features & Benefits

Performance Monitoring

  • Easy indication of excessive pressure drop to reduce energy costs.

Pop-up DP Indicators

  • Standard on CFH0015 and CFH0030, optional on other models
  • Nylon pop-up is compatible with synthetic oils and lubricants.

Delta-P Gauge

  • Standard on CFH0065 thru CFH16100
  • DP gauge face is not pressurized.
  • Unique magnetic sensor survives high impact.
  • DP gauge can be remote or panel mounted.

Remote Contact DP Alarm (Optional)

  • Dry contacts close at 6 psid to send a notification signal to a bell, light, or control panel.
  • Can be field installed.

Modular Head Design (65-1500 scfm)

  • Multiple filters can be bolted together with O-ring seal.
  • Minimizes threaded connections — leak points.
  • Simplifies installation.
  • Saves space.
  • Modular mounting kits available with high tensile strength cap screws with nuts and O-ring.