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Compressed Air Accessories / Compressed Air Filters

Compressed Air Filters are typically used downstream, before and/or after an air dryer, and can provide additional filtration of unwanted liquids and particles.  We can look at your compressed air system and identify if compressed air filters can assist your process. The elements used within the filter housing is selected based on the grade of filtration desired.  Compressed Air Filters are in stock, in Toronto and Guelph.  Below are some of the types of compressed air filter elements available:

Coalescing filters are probably the single most important item of purification equipment in compressed air system. They are designed to not only remove aerosols(droplets) of oil & water using mechanical filtration techniques, but also to remove solid particulate to very low levels (as small as 0.01 micron in size). Installed in pairs, the first filter is a general purpose filter, which protects the secon high efficiency filter from bulk contamination. The dual filter installlation ensures a continuous supply of high quality compressed air with the additional benefits of low operational costs and minimal maintenance.

Adsorption (Activated Carbon) filters are required because oil vapour will pass through coalescing filters. Oil vapour removal filters must be employed as these provide a large bed of activated carbon adsorbent for the effective removal of oil vapour, providing the ultimate protection against oil contamination.

Dust removal filters are used for the removal of dry particulates. They provide identical particulate removal performance to the equivalent coalescing filter and use the same mechanical filtration techniques to provide up to 99.9999% particle removal efficiency.