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L Series Air Compressors

CompAir L Series Fixed Speed Air Compressor

The L Series oil lubricated, enclosed rotary screw compressors provide a range that combines high performance, low operating costs and reliability with ease of installation and servicing.  They come in belt and direct drive fixed speed packages with basemount or Air Station configurations.

Designed with the customer in mind, all CompAir compressors feature a clean, simple and intuitive layout. Our “advanced but simple package design” ensures first class serviceability by:

  • Lowering maintenance and service costs
    • Reduced number of components to maintain
    • Machines all feature one common layout
  • Lengthening service life
    • Superior long-life components ensure excellent compressed air quality
  • Limiting down time
    • Quick and complete access to grouped service components
    • Removable hinged enclosure panels


  • Industrial Enclosure - The L Series incorporates thick 16 gauge steel sound dampening sheet metal for superior noise levels.
  • Stainless Steel Hoses - Stainless steel over braided oil and air hoses ensure extended hose life without fractures or leaks.
  • TEFC High Efficiency Motor - Cast iron enclosures are IP55 rated to handle the dirtiest environments.  Each motor includes a standard five-year warranty.
  • Oil/Air Cooler - The unique combination oil/air cooler design allows more heat to be dissipated from the oil and air, increasing lubricant life and delivering higher quality compressed air.
  • LED Controller - Featuring an easy-to-use NEMA 4 microprocessor controller sets this machine apart from the competition. It’s robust design ensures the controller is impervious to outside contaminants, making it the most durable controller in the industry.
  • Two Stage Cyclonic Air Filter - Easily accessible and filters 99.9% of contaminants at five micron.
  • Oil Reservoir - Includes an easy-to-read oil level sight gauge which allows you to quickly monitor oil level and quality of lubricant in the system.


CompAir’s unique engineering philosophy ensures long-lasting reliable equipment. Our standard warranty ensures that you’ve got peace of mind when it comes to your system’s operation. For added protection, the CompAir Platinum Warranty Program delivers the most comprehensive plan in the industry with 5 and 10 year programs available simply by registering the machine at startup and use of CompAir warranty kits, lubricant and participation in the oil analysis program.