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Oil-X Evolution Air Filters


Air Quality - The Parker domnick hunter OIL-X EVOLUTION range of die-cast compressed air filters have been designed from the outset to meet the air quality requirements of ISO 8573-1:2001, when validated in accordance with the requirements of ISO 12500-1.

Energy efficiency - Any restriction to airflow within a filter housing and element will reduce the system pressure. To generate compressed air, large amounts of electrical energy are consumed, therefore any pressure lost within the system can be directly converted into a cost for wasted energy. The higher the pressure loss, the higher the energy costs.

Advanced filter housings - OIL-X EVOLUTION die-cast and carbon steel fabricated filter housings provide simple installation, and long housing life with reduced maintenance. The unique design of the OIL-X EVOLUTION die-cast filter also provides more port sizes to give greater application flexibility. A ‘clean change’ element design ensures that service technicians do not have to directly handle contaminated filter elements during maintenance.