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SmartAir Master System Controller

The SmartAir Master controller will help you achieve maximum efficiency by helping control the operation of 2 or more compressors to meet demand at the lowest possible energy cost.  Where varying compressors are installed, maximum energy savings is a result of using the correct combination of compressors to meet system demand.  Where compressors of the same capacity are installed, the sequencer will equalize the running hours, offering even greater savings by optimizing the service intervals.


  • User-friendly and self-explanatory color graphics displayed via touch screen
  • Maximum energy and cost savings by reducing off-load times to a minimum and operating all the system compressors to the narrowest pressure band
  • Service technicians can immediately analyze the cause of any maintenance required
  • Simple installation with low cabling costs using a data cable with a “bus structure”
  • Complete overview of the status of the entire compressed air station
  • The DELCOS 3100, DELCOS Pro and DELCOS 1000 controllers can be connected without any extra hardware